Topics in Advanced Biotechnology II

April 30, 2021


Dr. Ann Stock and Dr. Sunita Chaudhary

April 16, 2021

Membraneless Organelles: Biomedical Implications and Biotechnology Applications

Dr. Benjamin Schuster

Presenters: Christen Crosta and Fleurie Kelley

Discussants: McKenzie Burge and William Pfaff

April 2, 2021

Preventing Chemotherapy-Induced Cognitive Impairment

Dr. Peter Cole

Presenters: Jan Siess and Chadni Patel

Discussants: Isabel Perez and Brandon Newton

March 5, 2021

Modern Approaches to the Discovery and Development of Antiviral Agents for Treating HIV and SARS-CoV-2 Infections

Dr. Eddy Arnold

Presenters: Shawn Rumrill and Robert Rosen

Discussants: Zach Fritz and Josh Leipheimer

February 19, 2021

Role of Computational Models in Explaining Fundamental Cellular Process

Dr. Premal Shah

Presenters: Alexandra Logerfo and Jospeh Lubin

Discussants: Chris Rathnam and Jeffrey Luo

February 5, 2021

High Throughput Experiments: Fruitless Fishing Expeditions or Big Data Opportunities

Dr. Adam Gormley

Presenters: Patrick Erickson and Jake Siebert

Discussants: Matt Tamasi and Yoliem Miranda Alarcon

January 22, 2021

Microfluidic and Microscale Assays to Examine Regenerative Strategies in the Neuro Retina

Dr. Maribel Vazquez

Presenters: Juan Pena and Brandon Ashley

Discussants: Denise Robles and Erika Davidoff