Internship Overview

The Internship program provides an opportunity for our students to gain access to industrial facilities and become more aware of the “gestalt” and practice of industrial research and development.  Students spend 8-10 weeks at an industrial site under the guidance of a specific industrial investigator. These experiences may, on occasion, lead to the involvement of an industrial mentor on the student’s dissertation committee. Students who have prior extensive industrial experience in the biotech industry may elect to opt out of this requirement; but many of these students still wish to do rotations to update skills and sample other areas of interest. We are extremely fortunate to have a tremendous variety of experiences available.

Representative Industrial Internships

Trainee Industrial Partner
Jeff Barminko Schering Plough
Michael Baron Wyeth Ayerst

Daniel Browe

Merck & Co.

Charlie Chang Bristol Myers Squibb

Kathryn Drzwiecki


Leonard Edelstein Hoffman-LaRoche

Renea Faulknor

Merck & Co.

Jeffrey Fox

Baxter Healthcare

Andrea Gray


Sean Hanlon Novartis

Kristina Hernandez

Johnson and Johnson

Nicole Iverson

Mayo Clinic

Jake Jacobs


Jose James

Merck & Co.

Paulina Krzyszczyk

Integra Life Sciences

Narendra Kuber

Merck & Co.

Melinda Kutzing

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF)

David Lamberto National Starch and Chemical

Norman Lapin

Sandia National Laboratories

Trevan Locke

Merck & Co.

Frank Macabenta

Integra Life Sciences

Adriana Martin

Integra Life Sciences

Susan Maskery Abbott Labs
Mary Lynn Mercado Schering Plough

Oleg Milberg

Merck & Co.  

Sarah Misenko


Dominik Nacyzinki


Antoinette Nelson


Eric Novik Waterford Advisors

Jillian Nguyen

Integra Life Sciences

Anton Omelchenko Cellularity
Isabel Perez BMS

William Pfaff

Merck & Co.

Natalia Rodriguez Pinto  Provid Pharmaceuticals

Ana Rodriguez

Merck & Co.

Larry Sasso

Merck & Co.  

Kristine Schmalenberg Ortho Pharmaceuticals
Nisha Singh Cello Health

Brittany Taylor


Eric Wallentsein

Aventis Pharmaceuticals

Gabriell Yarmush


Perry Yin

Merck & Co.

Student Quotes

"My mentor at Celgene trained me extensively in basic and advanced immunology, sent me helpful papers to read, and helped guide my experiments throughout the summer. Importantly, he also gave me the freedom to suggest or modify experiments."

"Baxter Healthcare provided me with an outstanding experience, I was assigned a meaningful project and my responsibilities evolved as their trust in my abilities increased"

"By the end of the internship at Merck I was able to efficiently and independently carry out tests on protein formulations across several sophisticated machines."

"My lab at Johnson & Johnson had state of the art equipment, and as an intern I was able to use and master most of the equipment that was available."

"My summer internship at Integra Life Sciences provided me with a broad overview of the inner workings of a medical device company, from both an engineering and corporate level."

"Overall, this internship at Merck was a very interesting and excellent experience, supplementing my graduate coursework while giving me a taste of research in industry."